Wayne Boich

Wayne Michael is a founding board member of 777 Partners. He is currently chairman and chief executive officer of Boich Companies. After graduating from college, Mr. Boich joined the company in 1999 where he helped manage the acquisition of mining operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. Mr. Boich grew these operations till 2005, at which time they were sold to a private equity group. Mr. Boich was named Chairman and CEO in 2005. Mr. Boich expanded his coal assets in 2008 when he assembled a group that acquired the assets of Signal Peak Mine in Montana. With an eye to the future, Mr. Boich has also significantly diversified Boich Companies over the past several years. Most notably Mr. Boich has developed a robust real-estate portfolio throughout the United States with actively managed assets in Florida and Texas. Mr. Boich is also an investor in a wide range of businesses from financial services to telecom. Mr. Boich received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Miami where he graduated cum laude.