Josh Wander

Mr. Wander is the Founding Managing Partner of 777 Partners. He brings over 10 years of experience sourcing and structuring esoteric assets. Mr. Wander currently serves as president of SuttonPark capital, a 777 Partners owned company and sits on the board of F3EA holdings, a consumer lending platform and an investment of 777 Partners. Over the past decade, Mr. Wander has assembled a network of originators and institutional investors that has positioned SPC as the largest wholesale aggregator of structured settlements and lottery winnings in the United States. Prior to joining SPC in 2010, Mr. Wander co-founded First Sustainable LLC, a boutique investment bank specializing in the structuring of alternative energy related cash flows. Previous to First Sustainable, Mr. Wander was Director of Acquisitions at Structured Asset Funding and 123 Lumpsum. During his decade-long tenure in specialty finance, Mr. Wander has overseen the acquisition, aggregation, and sale of over $1 billion of esoteric high grade assets. Mr. Wander graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.