777 Partners applies its credit expertise, institutional capital, technological acumen and management depth to capitalize on underserved and inefficient markets

777 Partners’ management team brings diverse and eminent experience to our investment platform. Our team excels at the conception and execution of vanguard investment strategies and asset allocation structures, supported by a legacy of success.

The robustness and diversity of 777 Partners’ balance sheet affords management the ability and optionality to leverage and allocate assets in a multitude of ways. We have both the liquidity and financial fortitude to be agile when market opportunities arise and responsive when conditions change.

777’s reciprocal partnerships with major global financial institutions provide portfolio companies with access to deep pools of capital to execute on their strategies. The breadth and strength of these relationships is integral to our perpetual opportunistic pursuit of new and complex asset classes.

777 Partners deploys proprietary, customized and scalable systems across the organization. A consummate team of developers and data scientists conceive, implement, and oversee best-in-class enterprise solutions to the challenges our operators endeavor to meet.

777’s portfolio companies synergistically leverage the management teams, operational infrastructure, and intellectual capital of the other platform businesses creating efficiencies and improving unit economics.