777 Partners’ management team brings significant and diverse experience to our investment platform. By delivering results predicated on decades of success, our team excels at execution across a wide range of investment strategies and asset allocation structures.

777 Partners provides the ability to leverage different assets efficiently to establish liquidity when needed.

777’s partnerships with other global financial institutions allow its portfolio companies access to deep pools of capital to execute on their strategies.

777 Partners leverages proprietary, customized and scalable technology infrastructure to assist our platforms in developing industry-changing technology solutions.

777’s portfolio companies have the additional benefit of leveraging the management teams, operational infrastructure and financial tools of the other platform businesses.

777 Partners takes a unique approach to deploying capital in private equity and debt transactions. Unlike traditional private equity firms or asset managers, 777 Partners is not bound by any one specific mandate or handcuffed by the bureaucracy of a multitiered approval process. With a keen focus on identifying mispriced risk, 777 Partners can move quickly to create bespoke capital solutions and investment structures that properly align incentives for all parties. While we are generally industry agnostic, 777 has targeted asset originators, servicers, and underwriters of short and long duration consumer and business credit, and esoteric, high quality receivables uncorrelated to the market.